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Storage Container Rental

Storage container rental services - conditions and pricing

Storage container rental services provide a series of units of various sizes and types, their pricing depending on which options one chooses. For instance, if one opts for a simply refurbished model, then the price will be less expensive than a custom-designed new container rental.

Size, condition, and modifications are parameters on the basis of which the prices for storage container rental are established. Apart from these, one should also include costs for maintenance and delivery. If one has opted for a certain modification on rented containers, then the reversion of this alteration has to be taken into consideration when returning them.

Below there is a brief analysis of 2012 storage container rental in terms of matters of time, options and size. First of all, the renting price is influenced by the amount of time for which one intends to borrow the containers. The longer the rental period is, the cheaper the price. Secondly, adding options to the containers available for rental will contribute to the increase in price. Security features, shelving and other extra characteristics will sure lead to a higher price. Special features and customization are services that are to be factored in when it is the case. Thirdly, size is also important relative to the containers' price. The bigger the unit is, the more it will cost.


The most convenient action to take in storage container rental is to rent a used or refurbished unit from leasing companies. This is cheaper because the leasing companies buy them from companies that transport goods and recondition them. Of course they are used, but storage container rental companies clean them out, repaint them in order to offer a presentable look. The price to rent such reused container is comprised between $40 and $140 a month.

Renting a new container is evidently more expensive but the price is justified by the fact that it is better in condition and permits more customization. A new storage container is designed and customized for certain roles. New storage container rental prices vary from $50 to $200 a month with minimum custom features.

Since renting a container involves paying the rental price, but also additional charges such as fees for delivery and return, one is recommended to agree on the costs in advance in order to avoid surprise fees when the container has to be returned.

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